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Next-Gen AMS Software

Optimise hospital’s Antimicrobial Usage by empowering Prescribers & ASP members with our AI powered software, ZEVAC


Antibiotic resistance is one of the biggest public health challenges of our time

–World Health Organisation


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of antibiotic use in hospitals is inappropriate or unnecessary

more than


illnesses due to MDROs in the U.S.A alone



annual deaths in the U.S.A alone, due to MDROs

ZEVAC: Antimicrobial Stewardship + AI

ZEVAC is an AI powered Next-Gen AMS software designed to help hospitals stop inappropriate or unnecessary antibiotic usage. ZEVAC’s unconventional but very scientific approach in the fight against AMR growth.

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training data points
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prediction accuracy

Human + Artificial Intelligence: Better Decisions

ZEVAC provides AI powered predictions to help Clinicians & ASP members take data driven decisions

Antibiotic Susceptibility Predictions

Help Clinicians choose the most appropriate empiric antibiotic therapy with  ZEVAC’s highly accurate & personalised antibiotic susceptibility predictions, based on patient’s information (demographic & clinical), hospital’s local prevalence, susceptibility patterns & historic culture results.

  • Precision medicine in less than a minute 
  • Eliminate premonitions with accurate predictions 
  • Initiate most appropriate empiric therapy without costly Rapid Diagnostics

Proactive Actionable Insights

Help your ASP members take proactive measures to avoid Inappropriate Antimicrobial Usage  with ZEVAC’s AI driven insights, collated by analysing hospital wide clinical data in real-time

  • Pre-empt Outbreaks
  • Pre-empt Susceptibility Changes

Technology driven Stewardship

ZEVAC eases out ASP member’s life by automating data collation, analysis & reporting

Workflow Automation

Stop wasting valuable hours in data digginglet ZEVAC do that.
Free your crucial resources’ time & utilise them more efficiently to enhance patient care by automating redundant tasks.

  • CLSI compliant Antibiogram creation
  • Realtime updates on prevalence & susceptibility changes
  • Regulatory reporting
  • Intervention opportunity identification


Stay updated with ZEVAC’s smart Dashboard

  • Antimicrobial usage tracking
  • Guidelines compliance
  • Interventions acceptance trend
    and much more

Be in Control

Experience freedom with ZEVAC’s User Customisable module
Unlike, other ASP tools in market, ZEVAC facilitates ASP members to decide & define what rules ZEVAC should follow to ease out their their lives.

  • Define & customise rules to flag prescriptions as Inappropriate
  • Define & customise hospital’s Standard Operating Protocols


ZEVAC's mobile application removes difficulty to convey and implement antibiotic guidelines at the point of care.

--Clinical Pharmacologist heading ASP at a leading tertiary care centre in India

Use of machine learning algorithms to augment antibiotic prescriptions is a game changer.

--Adjunct clinical faculty at a leading US Med School, tech med evangelist and entrepreneur
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