Artificial Intelligence for
Proactive Infection Management

Reduce your hospital’s infection burden with
Circle of Life (CoL)’s  AI powered software products

Is The Game Changer

Empowers your Antimicrobial Stewardship Program (ASP) teams to proactively control AMR with ZEVAC’s patient specific antibiotic susceptibility prediction.

Clinicians will no longer be stuck with inefficient antibiogram or costly Rapid Diagnostics to initiate empiric therapy.

Knows Your Problems

Drowning in your own data lake?

Save time & effort required for creating stratified antibiograms

The struggle to be heard

Hand-held support for treating physicians

Nothing but the best chance for the patient

Minimise broad spectrum use with ZEVAC’s highligh accurate predictions

Wish you had more hours in a day?

Automated prescription monitoring and flagging of inappropriate prescriptions according to institute guidelines.

To Intervene or not to intervene

Communication module that takes a part of the interpersonal issues out of the equation

Who will defend the “crusaders”?

AMS performance parameters like DDD, DOT, number of interventions are generated automatically that can support AMS teams claims to making a difference

Predicts Antibiotic Susceptibility


Use of machine learning algorithms to augment antibiotic prescriptions is a game changer.

--Adjunct clinical faculty at a leading US Med School, tech med evangelist and entrepreneur

ZEVAC's mobile application removes difficulty to convey and implement antibiotic guidelines at the point of care.

--Clinical Pharmacologist heading ASP at a leading tertiary care centre in India


About Circle of Life

Circle of Life was formed to create an environment in which data backed decision-making can take place in the healthcare sector. At the heart of the business is the dichotomy that everyone talks about shortages in Healthcare but no one looks at the efficiency in utilization.

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